Welcome to Next Level

 “If you continue to do what you’ve always done, the results will be what they have always been”™

Next Level is Different: We have a holistic approach

This simple, yet complex insight is a guiding principal of Next Level – USA.  We know development requires change and change requires development. Organizations and individuals seeking innovation, change and development turn to Next Level to create a customized vision for their unique situation and business culture.  Next Level is the partner of choice because:

  • We develop leadership competencies and provide sustained one-on-one focus to drive organizational goals
  • We develop a structured program that sets clear goals and plans to achieve them
  • Our programs are efficient and accelerate results by building on accountability
  • We are holistic, developing clients’ performance, professional- and personal leadership skills
  • Every Next Level Leadership Developer is a senior executive in her or his own right as well as a seasoned executive coach

We equip our clients with the insights of how to lead and succeed in all areas of life, realizing their goals and dreams and motivate others.



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    • Sean McColl on: The Value Platform of Leadership Development February 22, 2015
      Sean McColl, Managing Director of Next Level Leadership USA, was recently interviewed by Erik Stewart ofWMLA 105.9 on the value platform of leadership development. Listen to the entire interview here and what you can do as a business owner to grow your business or make sure that it continues grow after you decide to sell your company. Sean explains that “the […]
    • Next Level Welcomes Shira and Wayne to Our Team May 25, 2014
      Next Level is proud to welcome Shira Harrington and Wayne Caskey to our team of highly experienced executive coaches. Wayne’s experience as a three-time CEO and prior C-Level at two Fortune 500s brings a unique background to coaching CEOs, C-Levels and entrepreneurs—he’s been in their shoes.  In addition to his own corporate leadership experience, Wayne draws […]
    • Finding Your Core Purpose with Gunilla Girardo September 15, 2013
      How do you figure what to become when you grow up? Many grown-ups don’t even know the answer to that seemingly simple question. And I’m sure your parents, just like mine, regularly asked you that question when you were growing up. What career or job suggestions did yours give you? My Mom and Dad agreed […]